Save the External & Internal Battery Life

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Other

Most of us fail to save our laptop batteries. We usually screw up our batteries within 2years. There are a lot of issues when it comes to save your laptop battery. The most important things to keep in mind are,
1) Never use your laptop when you are charging the battery.
2) Wait for the 100% completion of your battery charge up to use it again. It usually takes 2 to 3hrs to charge up completely.
3) Don’t expose the battery to direct sun light.
4) Discharge the battery from your laptop, ifyou are not using it from long time.
5) Never put your laptop or batteries in hot temperatures like machines, car tanks, sun light, and other hot places.
These were few important points to save your battery externally. But if you want to save your battery from internal point of view, then you have to follow these below steps.
1) Switch off the WI-fi and Bluetooth devices when not required.
2) Don’t play high resolution graphic games when the battery life is less than 50%. It willdrain the battery life 2 times faster.
3) Using USB ports will drain your battery life sooner. So avoid using external mouse, pen drive and joystick when not required.
4) Use 5/10 minutes power schemes to switch of your monitors when the laptop is idle.
5) Use tools like Push Monitor Off to switch of your monitor screen when not used. Just download this application and press Shift + F1 to enable and disable your laptop display screen.
6) Turn of the back-end processors and unwanted programs from the Task Manager. Also make sure you don’t have pending scheduled tasks and auto save features in MS office.
7) Don’t leave CD/DVD in your disk drive when not required. Remove it as soon as you have done your work.
8 ) It’s better to use Hibernate mode insteadof Sleep.
9) Don’t use flashy screensavers and funny desktop applications.
10) The most important point, Decrease the brightness of your screen. Especially when you are in a dark place


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